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Grant Funding Strategy

Get access to a comprehensive list of grant funding opportunities tailored to your business’s needs from many different sources both nationally and provincially.

Expert Grant Writing

We are certified professionals focused on making the grant writing process as quick, easy and efficient as possible to save you time and getting you the best possible outcome.

Business Services

With our personalized cost saving business services, small-business owners like you can efficiently manage your business processes to start saving you time and money.

Business Coaching

We provide our clients with tailored advice from the best business coaches in the country on topics ranging from marketing, sales, leadership, personal development, and more.


Our Story Steval Tech

Stephen and Val were working for startups when they first met. They experienced the challenges and frustrations of working for new, small businesses. This led them to team up and offer services to help startups and scale ups. There is one thing they have learned -you can't do it alone!


How Our Grant Funding Process Works


Getting Started

We start by discovering your relevant business plans, as well as your business dreams and goals.


Funding Strategy

After we search our grant databases, we vet them and select the best grants that you should apply for. We look for opportunities to stack grants, or in the case of staffing – recurring grants.


Getting Ready For Funders

We work with you to provide a power prospectus and funding toolkit that are used when applying for grants, the bank, or investors.


Grant Application

Once we have decided which grants we should apply for, we write the grant application for you, or you may do that yourself if you wish.

We will be your grant partner. Let us do the research and apply for you, and you can stay focused on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you spending money on research and development?

Are you developing a new product or service? Or are you making a major improvement on a product or service? Research and development  funding offsets your project costs.

Are you spending money on research and development?

Are you developing a new product or service? Or are you making a major improvement on a product or service? Research and development  funding offsets your project costs.

Are you looking to hire?

Looking to grow your team? Hiring grant funding provides you with the means to add to your team so you can grow your business. 

Are you looking to train your current employees?

Could your existing employees benefit from learning on-demand skills? Training funding allows you to support your existing staff in retraining and development initiatives. Reducing the risk of employee churn rate.

Are you looking to Grow Your Business?Your Title Here?

Want to grow your market? Market expansion funding helps with the overwhelming costs of growing your market or implementing  your growth strategy. BONUS: This source of funding is greatly underutilized. .

What is a Funding Strategy?

Grants are competitive. You can put a lot of energy into some ad hoc approach to find a grant and cross your fingers and hope for the best. Your time and effort need to be invested at the beginning.  So that it's less of a resource gamble and more targeted on researched/vetted grants.  We will offer you a funding strategy/timeline; 12-18 months into the future, so you know what grants to apply for, when they come up. Taking time to do the research first will save you time and resources in the long run.


Meet Out Team Members

Val McCarty


I am a Certified Grant Writer, Moderator and Host in the World Referral Network. A Volunteer Host for Alberta Rainforest's Leaders, Innovators, and Big Ideas Podcast. I studied at both University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan University, (Management, Education, and Human Services).

When I am not at work you can find me outside with my grandkids, or looking forward to the next live jam.

Stephen Leber


My experience has been with small businesses with fierce entrepreneurial drive. The last decade I've been working with startups. I succeeded with the first one, bringing a consumer product to stores across Canada. The next one I failed.I have gained an appreciation that the SMB or solo preneur needs better resources than what is available to succeed. We will partner with you to provide you first with funding, and then with automatic processes to build your business.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I have had the pleasure of working with Val the last few years. In that time, she took on the incredible task of building brand recognition and helping Kudosee gain its first customers. Not only was she successful in this, but also served as our Brand Champion and Lead Support to ensure Kudosee gained the reputation we have today and our customers never had a complaint. Highly recommend Val to anyone seeking a top notch marketing and/or support resource!

Chris Lambert


I've had the pleasure of working with Stephen on a couple of outside client projects. I enjoy the fact that he is patient and really tries to be thorough with the client to ensure a client's needs are totally satisfied. Stephen is a great person to have on your team when you need someone with integrity and honesty and a strong desire to know more than the average person, to get the job done. I highly recommend Stephen if you are looking for a client representation person for your company.

Frank Thomas

The Thomas Project


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